Personal Branding

Skills Used

  • Illustration
  • Research
  • Sketching
  • Web design

This project is based on understanding brands and how to create a brand for yourself. The project shows my process to design and develop my monogram, wordmark and visual marque. It is one of the biggest and most important projects I have had to date. I want to give you an insight of what went into creating this brand, the challenges I faced and how I wanted my brand to represent me.

Tools Used

My Approach

Throughout this project I carried out research for inspiration, before sketching out all my ideas to see which one works well. The biggest challenge of this, is trying to keep the brand professional but also have a casual and friendly feel to it. The ultimate goal is to make the brand unique and personal to yourself.


When creating my wordmark I had to explore the vast array of fonts, styles and weights, which gives you endless possibilities. For my wordmark, I used a simple font called, Insterstate which is consistent with my monogram. I also added subtle slits to some of the letters so that it feels more connected to the monogram.

Visual Marque

My visual marque is more personal to me and gives a more casual feel to my brand. I am a keen golfer so i wanted to create something that related to that because it is one of my favourite hobbies. I combined this idea with things I use in design, however I decided I would only use this in a more social aspect of the brand.


My monogram uses both my initials and works as one geometric shape. I took a long time redefining the whole shape to make it look aesthetically right, however I am really happy with the overall outcome. My monogram really gives myself its own unique identity and fulfils a more professional aspect of my brand.