Gun Violence Infographic


Infographics are posters that use data visualisation to showcase important statistics in a clear and easy to understand way. For this project we had to design an infographic based on population. This project was definitely a challenge because you had to think outside the box to make the data you had collected and illustrate in such a way that it would be engaging for the audience, but also tell them the whole story of what your topic is.

Skills used

  • Research
  • Illustration
  • Data Visualisation
  • Icon design

The Goal

brainstorm of infographic

After brainstorming different ideas I decided to look into Gun Violence because we hear about it in the news all the time and I want to know more about it. I wanted understand how bad the situation has gotten with gun violence in America mainly and compare it with the rest of the world. I need to find relevant information that would make my topic engaging as well as informative for people.

Tools Used

My Approach

I conducted a pile of research into nearly every aspect of gun violence and then drew a basic wireframe to display the order of the content. This was just to help me visualise what illustrations I needed to create. I then looked into infographics for inspiration as well as looking into ones created on the topic of gun violence. I created all the icons and charts on paper first then brought it all together on Illustrator. The hardest part of the creating the infographic was making sure to not cram all the information onto one screen. Spacing the information out was key so that it was easy to follow and gets the message across more effectively.